The Strut Connector Kit


When you purchase a one-piece strut, there are pre-drilled holes in the brace that line up with each vertical style on the door. With the strut kit, the pre-drilled holes may only line up in the center and ends. It’s our # 1 biggest complaint “the holes don’t line up.” The truth is, you get a more secure bond with the strut and door when you use the TEK screws to drill the hole and attach it to the vertical style. The screws help straighten the door panel by pulling it tight against the strut.

Insulated Door Owners

Struts are attached to the vertical styles on steel doors. However, not all insulated doors have styles built in the door. If your not sure, tap a small finish nail through the skin under a hinge. If it’s hollow you will need to attach the strut to the hinges.

alt="vertical styles on a garage door"

Step 1

Installing the strut on The top panel.

Disengage opener by pulling down red cord.

Disconnect J Bar From Door Bracket

Slide J Bar towards Opener So It’s Out Of Your Way

Step 2

Remove Top Door Bracket

Step 3

Remove Top Door Roller Bracket On Each Side Of Door

Step 4

8, 16, and 18 Foot long strut kits have a pre-drilled hole in the center of the strut or the strut connector.

Align hole on strut with the center bracket holes. 

Use a 7/16 – 1″ self tapping screw and attach strut to top of door frame

NOTE: 9 foot strut kits do not have a pre-drilled hole in the center. 

Step 5

Attach strut with one 7/16 – 1″ long screw to hold strut in place.

Level strut

Step 6

Insert self tapping screw into top hole at the end of strut

Slide top End brackets underneath strut and attach with screw

Step 7

Adjust J Bar and attach to center bracket.



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