The Strut Connector Kit

Strut Assembly for 9 & 10 Foot Wide Doors

Step 1

An eight foot strut is actually 95-1/4″ in length. To get the desired length for a nine foot wide door the 36 in connector piece is inserted underneath the eight foot strut 23-1/4 in.

Step 2

Using the 1/2″ TEK screws included in your order secure the strut to the strut connector as shown in the photo. Keep 1/2 inch away from edge of the connector when inserting screws. Repeat on reverse side 

Step 3

When the strut is assembled, measure 54 in. to the center of the strut. Mark with a black tip marker or pencil  a small dot on each flange. Drill to small starter holes for the 1 in. tek screws. This will make it easier for one person to level and screw in the middle two screws

Drill two small pilot holes on each flange

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